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    Dickish Cyclops (version 1.3.2)

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    Changelog from 1.3.1

    Save file reading/writing

    • Improved safety by ensuring the save files are of the proper types.
    • Improved how save files are written by the tool.

    M.A.S.S. viewer/editor

    • Added the ability to "remove" shield parts and bullet launcher projectiles, at the cost of losing the accessory slots. It doesn't actually remove them, hence the quotes, and instead just sets the part ID to one that doesn't exist.
    • Mapped all of the accessories and weapon parts, and added a popup that allows you to change them.
    • Fixed an embarassing bug when saving armour parts.
    • Fixed an issue with the damage type radio buttons for weapons (the Shock radio button was wired to the Freeze damage type 🤦‍♂️).

    Update checking

    • Removed the dependencies on cpr and json.hpp, in favour of pure libcurl. This increased performance and reduced executable size significantly.
    • Changed where the Save Tool looked for new versions. Instead of checking Gitea's API (which returns a huge JSON object), it instead checks https://williamjcm.ovh/mbst/version, which returns just the needed data (latest version and download link) in easy-to-parse plain text.

    File watcher

    • Improved performance of updating the staged M.A.S.S. list.
    • Fixed a few bugs.

    Logging and error reporting

    • The whole logging mechanism was improved, with many more things being logged.
    • In-app toast notifications were improved as well, making them not cut off if the message was too long. Instead, they'll just wrap if the text is too wide.